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I have a small business in Joliet Illinois.Shipping is normally slow with the USPS, but every package I sent that had to go thru the Warrendale Pa.

USPS was either delayed for 7-17 days or never made it out of the facility or was missent. Something is definitely going on at this Post Office! I have never had so many customer complaints. Every time I look up the lost package's delivery confirmation, I see where it stops at Warrendale and is held for long periods of time or it just disappears.

USPS, what is going on?

Can you please check out why this is happening at this Post Office.It is hurting my business, and I am sure I am not the only one with this problem!

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The Warrendale PO/ Pittsburgh NDC doesn't even have a functioning phone number....hmmm, I wonder why!

I received a package from them, after it was held there for days, completely DESTROYED. I have ordered hundreds of packages before, whether it be through USPS, FedEx or UPS, and I've never had a problem other than the boxes or envelopes looking like crap. However, the business we ordered from (ZAZZLE) sent our order to USPS, and they claim the package was "Received in Bad Condition," I had a hard time believing that to be the truth... especially once I looked up the reviews for this location and they are TERRIBLE.

Less than half our contents arrived after being held at this location for six days! I live in Buffalo, NY, so it's not like this should take two weeks to get here. Unfathomable to me that this place is still in operation.

Super glad that our personal information is now floating around somewhere because of these incompetent people.I was going to get our wedding invitations from this company and now I'm too afraid they'll end up in Pittsburgh forever!


Warrendale PA, Post Office is a blacklhole on planet earth. My Package was delayed there Oct 11, and never has left the blockhole they call a post office.


Warendale PA Post Office is a Black hole one the planet earth.


Ordered a package that was to be here weeks before my daughter's first birthday. It got to warrendale and was "delayed" and never seen again.


I ordered a book on ebay last year, coming from Ohio to Michigan.instead it went to Warrendale and stayed there.

I sent a package from Michigan to California a few days ago.

It went to Warrendale PA.I'm afraid it may be lost for good, I hope not, have to track it each day.

San Jose, California, United States #1334791

The USPS always lose my packages, I never get them.It's time the Goverment , get the *** out of the mail system.

Because they can't do the job.

We need to privatize the Delivery system of mail.The citizens need to demand this.

Fredonia, New York, United States #1334155

Had a package being sent from Pittsburgh to Pittsburgh . Apparently it made a stop in warrendale 5 days ago and must've fell into the abyss because no one can seem to find it. Great because I had to pay for the contents when I ordered it.

Slater, Iowa, United States #1327934

My package arrived in Warrendale three days ago. Today it's in Puerto Rico. I live in Iowa.

Port Charlotte, Florida, United States #1322678

Why would a package from las vegas skip Michigan where I live and end up in Warrendale Pa???? Does USPS need a map????

to Anonymous Linwood, Kansas, United States #1336483

This post office is a disaster! I've been expecting a package that I paid a lot of money for, and it's somewhere in the UTOPIA! What a disgrace!

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