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I have a small business in Joliet Illinois. Shipping is normally slow with the USPS, but every package I sent that had to go thru the Warrendale Pa.

USPS was either delayed for 7-17 days or never made it out of the facility or was missent. Something is definitely going on at this Post Office! I have never had so many customer complaints. Every time I look up the lost package's delivery confirmation, I see where it stops at Warrendale and is held for long periods of time or it just disappears.

USPS, what is going on?

Can you please check out why this is happening at this Post Office. It is hurting my business, and I am sure I am not the only one with this problem!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Delivery of packages.

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I cringe anytime tracking a package through Warrendale. Either I never receive it or it's gotten sent somewhere else.

Once had medicine coming from Indiana to PA. Was sent to California from Warrendale before it actually got back to me.


I have two separate orders that show the last scan as Warrendale and nothing after. Both packages are late with no estimate on delivery.

What is going on with this facility? I don't have problems with USPS shipments coming from other locations.


Mine was in warrendale then it went to pittsburgh then back to warrendale and im still waiting for it to get shipped to me. my item was in ohio and i am in ohio, so why does my package have to go there just to come back? ive been waiting a couple days and its still sitting in warrendale


Same here. It always stops at Warrendale, 15095.


I don't know I was just at eBay to check where my package is and it's in Warrendale, I was just curious I looked up Warrendale on the internet to see where it was because it didn't post estate on eBay and I found this post I hope the same thing doesn't happen to me


9461509699939770769892Arrived at USPS Regional Origin Facility March 10 , 2018 -PITTSBURGH PA NETWORK DISTRIBUTION CENTERhas auto tracking stamp he next 3 daysand never seen again


This place needs to be closed down. If your package goes here, kiss it goodbye.

They steal your package, or its lost forever. My package still has not been updated ever since it arrived at this place and its been over a week.

Im told its lost. They need to be investigated.


One cannot help but wonder how much stuff goes home with Warrendale USPS employees since so many packages go missing at this facility. Do these employees have side hustles where they are selling their stolen booty on eBay? Something is definitely wrong at this USPS facility.


I agree. My package I am expecting has been in Warrendale twice.

It was sent to Ohio and then to Warrendale and then back to Warrendae where it was listed as being received twice. Now it has been sitting there since 7 this morning and has not moved.

All problems I had over Christmas went through this P.O. I often wondered since packages ended up missing what was going on in that particular P.O.


My aunt sent me a package and it been there since Wednesday im getting pissed that i haven't gotten it


Every time a package is Through there it’s lost or delayed at least a week they are the worst post office in the country


I am waiting for a package that is delayed in Warrendale for several days. Tracking shows no reason why.

Very disturbing. Just glad it was a gift for me.


I've had nothing but problems with this facility. Every single time my packages get stopped in Warrendale, the get stuck there.

The tracking is a joke because it rarely leaves here. I actually have one there now. Can I just go there and pick it up or do I have to wait till it comes to me? If anybody has any information with doing this, can you post about it here.

So others and myself can pick up our Christmas packages today. Thank you!

to Melissa #1613878

Try being me, every package that leaves my small town goes there, but what I noticed is there only "losing" packages that have a value able to be sold at a auction, if it's a random thing like car parts, or phone cases, they go right through, I know pa only hires family members, I wonder if it's a gang or a mob thing, but I noticed only easy resaleable items go missing.


A package I'm expecting from ohio went to the Warrendale post office...instead of to me in Indiana...something is screwy! Hope I get the package.


The Warrendale PO/ Pittsburgh NDC doesn't even have a functioning phone number.... hmmm, I wonder why!

I received a package from them, after it was held there for days, completely DESTROYED. I have ordered hundreds of packages before, whether it be through USPS, FedEx or UPS, and I've never had a problem other than the boxes or envelopes looking like crap. However, the business we ordered from (ZAZZLE) sent our order to USPS, and they claim the package was "Received in Bad Condition," I had a hard time believing that to be the truth... especially once I looked up the reviews for this location and they are TERRIBLE.

Less than half our contents arrived after being held at this location for six days! I live in Buffalo, NY, so it's not like this should take two weeks to get here. Unfathomable to me that this place is still in operation.

Super glad that our personal information is now floating around somewhere because of these incompetent people. I was going to get our wedding invitations from this company and now I'm too afraid they'll end up in Pittsburgh forever!

to Jaclyn #1408716

This stuff is still going on after I made my initial comment in 2015!


Warrendale PA, Post Office is a blacklhole on planet earth. My Package was delayed there Oct 11, and never has left the blockhole they call a post office.


Warendale PA Post Office is a Black hole one the planet earth.


Ordered a package that was to be here weeks before my daughter's first birthday. It got to warrendale and was "delayed" and never seen again.

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