Yet another problem with our U.S. Postal Service.

An inexplicably missing package. A call to a USPS supervisor who could only say that regardless of what their website says (delivery for today), it could take weeks more for delivery. The supervisor declined to give her name or make any disscernable effort to figure out why the package is missing. Instead, she simpy dismissed the inquiry by suggesting I wait.

. . . Haven't we had enough of the USPS and its inefficiencies?

Let's privatize the entire postal delivery process. Get rid of USPS employees and the drag they create on our economy with their cushy pensions at taxpayer expense. Let 'em find real jobs that hold them accountable for their performance or lack thereof.

Then and only then might things change.

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Actually since 2010, USPS has lost $34.5 billion. Not too many companies can stick around losing money like that.

Columbus, Ohio, United States #951460

This is addressed to comment #600974 or 10521ab0.

Please do your research before blogging your opinions that are not only stated falsely but also display an immense amount of ignorance.

The post office has absolutely nothing to do with any of the taxes you pay. They are a government agency That provides a public service at lower costs. They are completely self supporting. Look it up.

Also, how many days have you walked in -20 degree weather? Sit down and shut up ***.

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