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Hello. Everyone.


Beginning of March 2013, I sent to envelopment to my country by using Global Express GUARANTEED. It was kinds of emergency case, so I need my friend get shipping ASAP, the I payed $65 for my envelopment and USPS stuff said "it has GUARANTEED in case shipping is delay on scheduled date." And after I sent this, I track my envelopment on the USPS website and they showed " CLEARANCE DELAY" . finally my friend got shipping late and 1day or 2 day.

So I wondered how can I get the refund: GUARANTEE for this. and I sent message to USPS customer service about how can I get it. and They reply me after one month later, and already it was April.and on this replying, they said please "call this number(FedEx). because I guess USPS commit to FedEx such a rapidly shipping. and I couldn't contact I was busy after I got a replying. and Beginning of May I called to FedEx. and I give them tracking # but they said "it's not our tracking # so please go to ask USPS office". and I went to the nearest USPS office. and they tried to pay back for me but they didn't or couldn't and they said "please call this #(USPS customer servise)" and I called finally they said " its not our fault because it suppose to be address on envelopment was not good or custom's fault" the additionally they said" your contact should had be until 3 days your after your friend got the shipping".

ha ?

Even thought they sent me message after 1 month, they mentioned such a *** things.

I don't wanna use USPS anymore.

P.S. I'm not English speaker so my English is poor, I hope everyone understand, and it will help customer more.

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Houston, Texas, United States #947083

I'm going through the same I paid 88.75 suppose to be there monday bull *** they keep telling me its on a truck of a third party it was suppose to arrive yesterday. Its important documents that need to get there asap I'm paying for the service I expect good service.

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