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I have been experiencing USPS is something I dont want to deal with. But no choice stuck with them since I ordered stuff from Amazon and they use USPS for my delivery.

I got confirmation supposed to be delivered on Dec 04 since I need it for birthday present on DEc 09.

I was home the whole day and no package arrived. Check into my mailbox center, I found a brown tag mentioned mailman missed me. I dont think so, I bet he just lazy to bring my stuff in couple blocks from mailbox center. No choice, I rescheduled and confirmed would be redelivered on Dec 11.

Waiting the whole day and nothing again. Sent email and no respond. Call USPS, only system kept asking tracking number which I dont have since that lazy mailman dont write on it. Search Amazon to get the tracking number, I got it and the system just mentioned they delivered on DEc 04 which I do not received yet, no record about redelivery.

Kept calling and nothing happend. Finally just called Amazon, they called USPS, still no clue and finally Amazon just refund some of my stuff and replace some through UPS this time. Hope I will get this time.

For USPS, I just can not believe such a Federal jobs, good money, good benefit but compensate with very lousy customer service. No wonder UPS and Fedex take advantage for your such a waste.

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