Holmes, Pennsylvania
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the mail person will not put my mail into my mailbox

live in an apartment house, 4 seperate apartments, and the courior will not put each persons mail into their boxes which are labeled. instead they put all the mail for 2860 W. Baltimore Street into one box

not matter what the aprartment number is and leave. They should put each person's mail into their

own mailbox, not my fault its extra walking, but is that not what they do. have not received mail in 1 month. Also called the Frederick station where mail is comming from, stated the Supervisor would call never called to correct this situation.

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Call 1800 USPS they should be able to help. The local post office tends to look out for one another. I also believe they have a questions and concerns spot on their website.


what is a courior? if everyone writes the way you do, is it any wonder things get misdelivered?


i have to rent a post office box from the town of ralls tx,because i live on the wrong side of the street.if i lived on the over side of street i would receive my mail for free...HAHA

Sittingbourne, England, United Kingdom #54367

i have the same problem where i live and the names of the only two people who live here,are on the mail boxes and they still put my mail in the woman downstairs mail box,lol i don't think they know how to read. :(

Denver, North Carolina, United States #50977

What city is this report from?

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