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i ship a 42" TV from NYC to Miami paid $100 dollars for the service and i thought that comes with the insurance. First time i use this"

i received my TV in Miami broken the screen crack this is the worst thing happen to me i loss like 700 hundred dollars and the box looks like they throw it all over the places like nobody cares even with the fragile signs i call them to see what they can do for me but that's a horrible customer service they told me after ten calls one of the managers is gonna call u soon *** nobody call this company should closed is better service on ups or FedEx and even cheaper.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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Florida, United States #868046

When most damage is done to packages, there are no people around to see the fragile labels; what I mean to say is that most damage occurs in the back of trucks during shipping, when things shift around and fall. Because of that, writing fragile on it is pretty pointless, and the best way to prevent damage is to properly pack the item for shipping.

Typically, when packing and shipping a TV, that means bubble-wrapping it, and packing it in a box with a minimum of two inches of peanuts on all sides.

Also, you should probably be happy you didn't pay for the insurance; your claim would not be paid unless the TV was properly packed in the first place. Insurance is paid only when the carrier is clearly at fault, not when something is improperly packed and then damaged because of it.

Dallas, Texas, United States #724424

Like i stated before you should have knew better than to ship this type of fragile product with the USPS.You packed your shipment correct?Why?Does the USPS have to tell you anything about shipping this type of fragile product?Next time carry the package to an UPS or Fedex and stop blaming someone else for your mistake.Did you even think to ask about insurance on your fragile package?Now you want to blame the USPS.Your fault and You are very "Cheap to not have taken the necessary steps to protect your tv.Let this be a learning lesson for you, Since you have know packaging experience evidently."The USPS OWE YOU NOTHING".

to LINDA #724437

who are you the owner of USPS lol why you are defending them ? thats their fault and everybody knows that you are the only one saying that so u better shut ur big mouth and keep working in the worst company on USA do ur work ***.

Dallas, Texas, United States #722425

This is your fault.You should have known better than to ship this type of product with the USPS.Trying to be cheap is not alway's the best way to save.Since you are aware of UPS and Also Fedex this would have been the correct way to send your product.Next time send your product by "AIR"This way your product will be more saver if packed correctly.I just recieved an 39"TV From "AMAZON"The TV was in perfect shape when i recieved it.Amazon paid to have my TV sent by "AIR"And UPS picked the product up from the "AIRPORT"And delivered it to my home.

to LINDA #722570

What are u talking about don't u read they never told me about insurance that's their job no mine I am the customer they suppose to tell me how this works that's why I paid for and IM no a cheap *** that's why I paid that kind of Money ***


I would call the company you bought the TV from, unless it was a private party, and tell the situation. If it's a company they are also responsible as to how they ship such fragile item.

I work for a company that sells fragile products and if one of their products arrives damaged because of USPS even though yes you should get insurance the shipper is also responsible for "how" the package the product and they also try to use the "best" carrier for the job which is usually UPS. I'm so sorry you have to go through this. It'll work out. If it is a company you bought it from and they won't do anything for you then social media is your best friend.

Blast them everywhere and report them to the BBB.

These companies usually have insurances between them and the carrier companies so there's really no reason why they can't replace it. You may have to cover shipping cost again, but, at least you can get the TV replaced.

to Madeline Miami, Florida, United States #724418

Madeline thanks for u advise u are so kind and yes I bought the TV from a third party so I have no choice but I gonna shipped again and make sure to get a insurance and than I'll call them and tell em I receive :p d broken so they gonna pay me for all this watch. 8)


:cry All companies ask if you want insurance. It's your fault, deal with it

to MYKIDZMOM #722576

U guys need to learn how to read,they never offer me a insurance if they tell about that I'll paid it for sure. :(

to MYKIDZMOM Miami, Florida, United States #724413

well they don't ask me that day otherwise ill pay it...

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