My first problem with USPS started when I ordered some yankee candle votives on amazon. The package was shipped through USPS and I had to pay $19.97 just for standard shipping. The delivery date was supposed to be November 27, 2013, but it wasn't until November 29 that it said it was out for delivery. On December 4, 2013, after still not getting the package, and the tracking information showing that it's still out for delivery as of Nov. 29, I decided to file an email claim and speak to customer service. I called the number on the site and struggled with the automated service. Eventually I looked up on google how to speak to an actual person, did that, and was on hold for over an hour before talking to a person. The person was nice, and understanding and agreed that this was ridiculous. She made sure that my claim went to my post office and told me I should receive a response email the next day. The next day, Dec. 5, I have not received any email or any acknowledgment that I submitted a claim to USPS. This issue has yet to be resolved.

My next issue with USPS occurred on December 5, 2013. As a college student I've had to rent and return textbook packages all the time. This time I was returning two textbooks from a company that when you rent a book they include a return package for you to ship it back in. I followed all the shipping preparation instructions, and went into the post office to drop them off. They refused to take the packages, claiming it was the wrong packaging (plain padded envelopes, with return labels, exactly the same that I had received the books in through USPS before). I tried explaining they had accepted this type of packaging for my textbooks before, and this packaging is what the company provided to send the books back in. They gave me no other reason, and said they were not going to take them and spoke down to me like I was an ***.

I know how to ship packages, I've done it many times. Them refusing to ship out perfectly acceptable packages, and still not delivering my other package has made me extremely frustrated and angry with this company. I have yet to receive any sort of apology or explanation for these problems. I absolutely refuse to ship anything out through USPS, and I will definitely not have my purchases sent to me through USPS even if it means finding another company to buy from.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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