Homer, Alaska
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After standing in line for awile, I got to the counter and the lady yelled at my son and basically said I was a bad mother, Infront of a lot of people in line,, We was two years old and did pretty good in line, towads the end he was getting sick of it,,,I stood ther at leas 10-15 min,, a couple days before that it was around 20 min,,,, The same lady yelled at another person in line,, I have been going here for 9 months and everytime she is mean!... Its worth the drive to the next town.. Especially if you have children,,,

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Dallas, Texas, United States #722431

Very good point LTCC.Sometime's kid's get out of order.The parent's do not try at all to "CONTROL"Their kid's.And most parent's have the nerve to get upset when someone else say's anything to their child.Sometime's leaving the child home is better in the long run.I work at a "CHURCH"OK.We have a "Christmas Fest"For the kid's every "December"Right.While we are trying to enroll the kid's for the "CHRISTMAS FEST"The parent's allow the kid's to run around and Just about "Tare" The whole "CHURCH DOWN".They tare up the "Bible's and Anything else they can find to get their hand's on.It is just so sad that these parent's allow their children to act out this type of way.

to LINDA Homer, Alaska, United States #722709

I am sorry, You were not there,, I am not afraid to punish my child or control him,, he started to throw a fit and she took it apon herself to do my Job before I could! Also I am a stay at home mom!

moved to Alaska 9 month ago, ,, No friends! No Family,, You dont know me or my children! maybe you dont belong working in a church!. The Lady at the post office is just mean!

to everyone! I have had enough,,,,

to 435 #724449

listen guys dont put attention to linda she dont have anything else to do plus shes saying that works on a church lmao u better go pray for yourself beside judgement people here ill pray for u


Complain at USPS.com to the higher ups.

Those people should be sweeping in the back and not be harrassing and dealing with the public.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #722291

Your kid and everybody elses.....all adds up to frustration for those behind the counter who deal with out of control kids every day....what you think is good may not be what everyone elses thinks is good......you know the lines are long...leave him at home.

to LTCC #722715

oh! so you are telling me to leave a 2 year old home alone, funny! it is their job to be nice and deal with customer service,,, She is mean no matter what,, Mean to my husband and everyone I know,, So what I have to pay a babysitter because she cant do her job.....

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